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What are the Skyjed Roles?

This article defines the Roles available within the Skyjed application.

Skyjed has a flexible team and product-based hierarchy.  The structure centres around a product and team. Members of your organisation can be part of your team, or responsible for managing the Skyjed implementation.

Skyjed uses the following Roles to allow users access to features and administration:

  1. Standard User: Full access to features of the Skyjed application. Standard User access is broken into 4 levels which include the Product Owner, Report Viewer, Contributor, or Product Leader.
  2. Super User: Full access to features of the Skyjed application and access to run reports across all products. 
  3. Administrator: Full access to the application plus access to the application administration.
  4. Super Administrator: Full access to the Skyjed application, including access to administration, account and billing management.
  5. Advisor: Recommended for Consultants and Advisory Board members. Reporting access to all products, but no access to users functions.

More detailed information is available by clicking the Role title link.