What is Product Health?

Product Management yesterday and today.

Skyjed sorts through all the data in your product audit and presents it to you in a visual format for easy interpretation.

There are many differences between traditional product lifecycle management (which was developed in 1962!) and Skyjed Trust-Centred product management. For many years, organisations have structured their products around Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), or more recently Agile, principles to guide new product development.

Today customers are seeking product experiences they can trust, which means product professionals need to firmly set baselines to meet regulatory obligations - social, environmental and governance.  Unfortunately, PLM has a significant flaw which affects its ability to meet these obligations.  PLM tracks revenue. Revenue is a financial metric which, over time, suggests a maturity phase while ignoring your customer and non-financial metrics. This is where Skyjed helps.

Skyjed has built a Trust-Centred product management framework (TPM) designed to put our customer at the centre of product lifecycle management, increase the transparency of risk and set a baseline to meet product regulatory obligations.

The TPM model is a more comprehensive, agile way of managing your new an existing products to deliver growth and customer trust.  The Skyjed TPM focuses on a product health-check.

The most successful companies adjust their product strategy using a product health-check. The Skyjed Product Health Index is an instant visualisation of your products' current status.

Today, product leaders use the Skyjed Product Health Index on their products across a variety of industry segments.  While more traditional organisations monitor the financial performance of their products and portfolios, not all of them have a robust method to control non-financial risk and even fewer consistently assess an product health strategy to transform risk exposure into pragmatic action plans.

It is estimated that in more than 50% of cases, product leaders are given little choice other than to make strategic or product risk decisions based on gut feel or experience. The Skyjed Product Health platform presents instant product assessments to help product leaders improve product performance, regulatory compliance and governance.

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