Using Skyjed Drivers - Customer Domain

Skyjed guides you through a step-by-step review and assessment of your product for product success. A Skyjed Driver is a prompt for information or product rating

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Driver 1: Customer journey map


This details the keys customer journey steps for your product. The journey map visualises the process your customer goes through from awareness to achieve the goal they have when interacting with your organisation.  Defining the key steps in your customer journey helps you identify any friction or break points that impact the customer and commercial metrics.


Driver 2: Product experience friction points


This details the key friction points in the customer journey so you can gain insights into common pain points and how to improve the customer experience.  Product managers can assist with bench marking how well the customer journey matches up to your product value proposition.  It can also be an indicator of emerging product trust issues.


Driver 3: Product experience break points


This details the break points in your current customer journey.  According to McKinsey the number of touch-points is increasing in number by about 20% per year.  (article Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism Feb 2015 McKinsey Quarterly.  Gather data over-time both internally and from social media channels can highlight areas that require improvement.


Driver 4: Product experience metrics


It’s no longer enough to provide an innovative high-quality product.  This details the metrics or key result areas to help you understand how engaged, loyal and satisfied your customers are. The most important metrics related to customer retention and product trust. It’s crucial to measure customer experience metrics.   Set key metrics for your product, track performance so you can develop an action plan.


Driver 5: Product experience action plan


This details the initiatives to improve your customer journey for each product so you can drive change in your organisation.  Identify the moment of truth, those that make or break during the customer journey and must be executed to retain your customers.  Set action plans, a target date and assign the improvement intuitive.


Driver 6: Warranty and support


This details the terms and conditions that relate to your product warranty and service. List out your product commitments from a customer perspective.  Gather data to track performance and identify any product issues.  If your product fails to perform across these metrics you can quickly address the root cause.