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Summary of Skyjed Application & Workplace Permissions

Summaries of Skyjed Application-level Roles and Workspace-level Permissions

Table 1:  Skyjed Application Permissions:


Super Admin


Super User 

Standard User 


Manage payments and billings        
Approval Controls      
Draft/ Publish New Drivers into Skyjed      
Manage and Create Virtual Teams       
Invite new user to Skyjed Application      
Create Driver Template        
Create Product Team or Portfolio    
View actions & comments ✅ *
Create, View & Share Reports  ✅ *

* When in the Workspace Role only



Table 2:  Skyjed Workspace Permissions:


Product Owner

Product Leader


Report Viewer 

Create Product      
Add Product members to a product    
Create new reports    
Publish or Unpublish Design or Audit    
Archive a product    
Add or modify driver data  
Create, view & complete actions
Search and share reports
View real-time reports & insights
View & create comments 
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